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Rover Park

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Rover Park

Hello all I have done a review on Rover Park.

Accessibility and Location        <ii> <ii> <ii> <ii>
 Rover Park is situated on the Bruxner Highway just on the eastern fall of the great dividing range between Casino & Tenterfield. It is 2 hrs from Byron Bay, 3.5 hrs from Brisbane, 2.5 hrs from the Gold Coast and just 35 klms from Tenterfield. With 4000 acres of beautiful countryside, Rover Park offers an experience you will not forget. Access to the 4WD Park is accessible by both 4WD & 2WD vehicles but there is a steep accent at the beginning (This Hill Climb has been covered in bitumen for easier access).

Amenities     <ii> <ii> <ii>
 At the Main Camp Grounds next to the Kiosk are the following Amenities.
 10 hot gas heated showers.
 10 Flushing Toilets.

 Other Amenities at other camp grounds is in the form of 4 Superloos which are transported where needed & are well kept.

 All the showers and toilets are cleaned on a regular basis and toilet paper is provided.

 There is Ice available from the Kiosk with a few basic necessities.

Camp Grounds      <ii> <ii> <ii> <ii>
 There are about 12 Camp grounds available throughout the Park but only the main camp has Showers & Flushing toilet facilities, but it can be arranged through Heidi for a Superloo to be towed to the camping area for large groups. The best camping area we have found is Camp ground 3, it is secluded and if booked you can guarantee that it will be kept for your group. There is a drop toilet at this site with tank water available but I suggest that if you have a portaloo then take it along for the convenience. The main Camp is only about 5 minutes away, so it is just a short drive for your showers.

Tracks         <ii> <ii> <ii> <ii> <ii>
 The tracks on this property are well maintained with Easy through to Extreme tracks available, Rover Park caters for every kind of 4x4 there is. Merve the resident Track Marshal keeps the tracks under control & Merve & Hanze make new tracks on a regular bases. Last May while down there i had an opportunity to cut my own track, it was the creek bed behind camp 3 and it has been officially named 'Mikes Creek Track'. The other weekend when we were down there for the Pro Truck Comp they used this track for the Winch Class. There are Motor Bikes allowed on this property but they have their own area so 4WDs & Bikes don't clash. They have a strict Curfew and rules to follow so anyone who misbehaves gets kicked of the property.

Hospitality      <ii> <ii> <ii> <ii>
 There are basic items available at the Kiosk with ice orders taken daily. They also have LPG for gas bottle refills as well. Hanze & Heidi always look after us with discounts given to club groups. Our recent stay at Christmas for 6 nights / 7 days we paid only $180.00 this included camping and 4WDing for 2 people with 2 cars.

Cost <ii> <ii> <ii> <ii> <ii>
 Their rates are very competitive with other camping areas 4WD parks that we have stayed at. All information on what they have to offer can be found on their website

Summing up  <ii> <ii> <ii> <ii> <ii>
 I have made various trips down to Rover Park in the past and hopefully in the future and have found it to be a great place to go. The only drawback I see is the distance but I have driven my Sierra down there & back several times with no problems. Just a reminder that some of the Service Stations in these country towns do not open on normal weekends so if your planning a long stay take some jerry cans with you. If you are traveling via Tenterfield then you will find Servos open.

Hope to see you all down there sometime. Mike ( hizook).

Posted : 19/05/2008 7:02 pm
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Hanz & Heidi are realy great hosts
There is also a large portion of tracks dedicated to motorbikes now with their own campground.

Tenterfield hospital is the closest for urgent medical treatment but if you break a limb on a weekend the doctor is not on call as I found when a mate broke his ankle bike riding took him there & the nurses wouldn't even give him a panadol so we went back to Rover n he got on the green ginger wine for that night & drove all the way to Casino to get looked at.
So enjoy the park just don't break anything on your person.
On the other hand we didn't ring 000 , maybe if we did the Doctor at Tenterfield might have shown up but the nurses wouldn't call him.

Tracks are from mild to extreme starting from just inside the front gates & a great little flex track 100 mtrs from the main camp..

Awsome time to be had on 4 wheels out here.  cheers

Posted : 25/11/2011 6:51 am
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Just an update...Rover Park has closed

a quote from their website

Hans and Heidi are closing the doors of Rover Park to the public from today on.

It will be our very own private property from now on. We have been in business for over 30 years and 12 years ago we started Rover Park. The mental and physical stress has suddenly caught up with our health and we are worried that if we keep going there will never be a chance to start on our bucket list. A great big thank you to all our guests whom most of them have become regulars. We will miss you. A special thank you to Willowtown Tyre Services and EFS Suspension for the ongoing support in our yearly Battle of the States and not to forget the Tabulam SES for their mutual support in all the years. We will have a long and urgently needed rest and then decide about our future. Hans and Heidi Hautle.

Posted : 23/08/2012 6:33 pm
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Rover Park has re opened as of February 2014  <ii> <ii> <ii>.

They couldn't handle retirement so they opened the park back up again  .applaud. .applaud. .applaud.



Posted : 04/04/2014 2:20 am
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Yes the club knew about this weeks ago, but thanks for posting.

Posted : 04/04/2014 5:01 am
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Mate just got from Rover, now 2/3 bikes only

Posted : 13/05/2015 4:13 am
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That's a shame. I guess they've been getting more riders than is a long way though - even for us on the southern side.

Posted : 13/05/2015 5:03 pm
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to be honest I wont really miss it.  it was a really long way to go. and it wasn't that great. 

some reasonable tracks but too far from the camps to actually get to them. 

Posted : 13/05/2015 7:29 pm