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Levuka 4x4 Park - Near Urbenville NSW

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Levuka 4x4 Park

Review by Greg (just cruizin)


North NSW near Urbenville


Fees are per vehicle at $25 per day.

Facilities are basic but functional, flush toilets and gas fired showers, lots of fire pits and rustic park style picnic tables.  

Camp grounds
The camping spots are great with large flat grassed areas of sizes ranging from small to huge.  Firewood is supplied, they must source from a mill because it was all smaller sized, about a foot or so long, hardwood though so it burnt well and they'd just had a delivery so there was lots to choose from.

The park is split into two sections, the Southern section is where the camping is, a large rainforest section in the South West.

The park would be about the size of "The Springs" with a variety of landscapes, rainforest through to cleared grassed paddocks.  Most of the challenging stuff is in the rainforest areas where bog holes just appear on the track where you wouldn't expect them.  Some of the tracks turned from F250 width to Sierra friendly in the space of 50m and yes I have new pin stripping.  Most of the area is black soil so would be a "no go" after rain.

There is a bit to interest everyone and if we'd taken the zooks we would have played a little harder and tried a bit more of the extreme tracks.  That said the lockers in the cruiser got flicked on more then once.

One of the northern rainforest sections was closed so we made our way around the tracks we could taking it easy on the Prado's underbelly, Mark has permission for a lift (I was there as witness, now it's down in black and blue.)  We made our way onto a grade 1 track, track ratings go from 1 easy to 5 being winch required.  Should have been easy and started off nice, hadn't been used in quite some time.  Down one big steep hill around a corner and a bog awaits, a drop in and quick right hand corner then forward to the climb out, cruiser made it with a bit of persuasion and both lockers, then the decision what to do with the Prado.  We decided to cut a path around it through the vines and undergrowth, not too bad apart from one spot we couldn't avoid through two trees with a side slope and the slippy leaf litter.  The Prado almost made it however just caught the passengers rear flare on the downside tree, broke a couple of the plastic tabs however no panel damage, thank god.

Summing Up
Overall a great peaceful weekend, good to explore a new area.  About the same travel time as Janowen but don't think it offers as much.  Good for a change however in the wet it would be undrivable for the most part.  Worth another trip, probably Yes, though would want to take a skinner vehicle.

Posted : 11/08/2009 9:46 pm
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I'm very pleased to have been about it.

Posted : 24/01/2014 6:46 am