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Forum Recovery after yet another Hack

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Hey All,

As you no doubt were aware the Forum & Website has been out of action for the last few weeks. 


We were subject to what appears to be another hacking.


I've been working over the last few weeks trying to recover everything however it has been a very tough task. 


The backups of the site and forum were also effected so we have lost some data but I was able to recover the forum database and some attachments. I suspect allot of the attachments will be broken.


Also I've moved us away from the Simple Machines Forum to something much more modern and if fact this was the only way I could recover the database though a migration tool.  For the most part the forum is intact with all topics and posts recovered other than I'm afraid to say Pics and other attachments will be hit and miss due to a virus that infected the whole folder structure. It has corrupted allot of the file and during the cleaning process some files were just not recoverable.  


I'll now be working now on Re-Building the Main Website frontend as I was able to recover some of the data but mostly its a full rebuild. 


For safety I suggest everyone to change their login passwords and if you use your forum login password anywhere else it would be wise to change it. 


Thanks for your understanding. 


SP. 👍 

Posted : 22/12/2021 9:35 am
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Posted : 04/01/2022 1:39 pm