EkkaDayMysteryRun 2015

EkkaDayMysteryRun 2015

Well, we had 4 cars in total rock up to our meeting point at BP and after the usual chats, etc, we headed off towards Bellthorpe SF via Sandy Creek  Rd. We took the left hand fork up into the forestry as this was the quickest way up and we reached the Beacon Rd T/O where we stopped for a chat about where we wanted to go….. I ended up convincing the fellas that we could easily
to the “loop” in and out and that it “should” only take us about 1hr or so….. or so I thought….

After a bite to eat we were off and into Beacons Rd and I thought we would do the larger loop, so we took the 1st RH track which lead us along the edge of the SF before dropping into the Creek below. This section had a couple of steep/loose sections, but nothing too hard in the dry. Upon reaching the bottom and crossing the dry creek bed it was upwards again. This upwards section had a couple little loose sections but all managed to pick the right lines and getting up, where we stopped for a “late smoko” (according to Pete).
From this point we headed sth, skirting the edge of the SF again and passing a House on the RHS. We stopped to let a few bikers pass us and then we pushed onwards and upwards. It had been years since I’ve travelled this section and it was from the opposite direction, so I was a little uncertain as to how steep it was going to be…. We reached the steep/loose section with Mark leading the way. It took Mark a couple of goes b4 finding the right line and spinning his way to the top….. Next was SP’s turn…. Chris had a couple of goes, but it was clear that he wasn’t going to make it without some help. Mark reversed back a bit and we connected 3 straps together and after a lot of wheel spinning and dust flying SP was up. Pete & Scrawny’s Cruisers make it up w/o any major problems.

Once we reached the top of this section, it was decided that Pete & Scrawny would turn right to check  the track out and report back to Mark & Chris as to which way would be the easiest….. This is where the “Fun” started…. It was clear that it would be safer for Mark & Chris to continue along the other track and that we would quickly meet up with them at the other end…. or so we thought…. Well, after going up a couple little sections we then headed down to the bottom. Things were going OK….. until we started the climb upwards again and came to our 1st obstacle – a nice steep and loose and well rutted out hill-climb (This is where I was glad that I didn’t bring the Disco). Pete went 1st but fell just short of getting over the top. Reversed down for his 2nd go
and with a few more herbs Pete just managed to scramble over the hard section….. It was now Scrawny’s turn…. After his 1st attempt, he fell a car length short, so back down he went for his 2nd….. 3rd….. 4th attempt where he almost managed reaching the top but succumbed to the loose dirt and rutted section. Out with the strap and after digging a nice little trench with his
wheels, it was clear that Pete wasn’t going to pull him up, so Pete reversed around where we tried a few times and different positions in trying to winch Scrawny up the last few metres, but again, the Winch just didn’t want to pull him up the last couple of metres…. With the Storm Clouds forming above & not wanting to get stuck in this position in a down-pour, it was decided for
Scrawny to reverse down and turn around and head back the way we came (not an easy thing as the track was more difficult in the other direction)… while Pete turned his car around and we continued upwards. Over the Radio we heard Scrawny shout for joy with every hilly section he conquered while Pete & I attempted to get up the next couple of difficult sections…. Again, with a
little more air out of his tyres and and bit more of the “Right-Foot” we eventually managed to get to the top where to stopped at the junction and waited for Scrawny  to catch back up with us….
Meanwhile…. Mark & SP were enjoying the peace and quiet and the views & having lunch waiting for us to finally catch-up with them….. We finally arrived at where Chris & Mark were and we stopped for a very late lunch….. From here, we made our way back out to where we came in, finally reaching the main road…. some 5hrs and 10mins from when we initially entered…. Another
quick chat and we pushed onwards, passing the old Bellthorpe Gantry an continue along Jimna-Bellthorpe Rd, turning off onto Grigors Rd and eventually reaching the end of the rough section where we stopped to air up and take our last few photos before making our way home…… reaching home at around 6pm…..

Thanks for all those that came out, it was a most enjoyable day out, especially for me sitting in the passengers seat for a change and getting a chance to look at the scenery instead of having to drive and navigate at the same time….. Until next time Wink

Trip Report: Rob Macca
Pictures By: Rob Macca, SP1086
Total Distance traveled: 246kms
Driving Time: 6hrs 3mins
Stopped Time: 4hrs 38mins