Non Members Run April 2016

Pom Poms Trip Report  Pom Poms

Normal start to the non members run as I was late.  Had to stop in for some fuel, as ‘E’ for enough wasn’t going to cut it today.  At the lookout I meet up with the rest of the crew looking well after having their BBQ Brekkie.  After a quick briefing and finding a spare channel to use over the CB we were off.  I was volunteered the role of leading, with I decided to make the most of as the group was small and I hadn’t driven the vit in anger in a while.  We cruised down the xtrail to start off before heading down the power lines to get some key start practice.

At the bottom of xtrail I had a quick chat to some lads in jiminys who were keen to stick with us and see where we ended up. For some reason my car was feeling a little loose toady, but more on that later.  With the extras in tow we assembled at the top play area for a little bit of key start education prior to everyone having a little drive around and lifting some wheels.  With a bit of confidence under the belt we headed around to the back of ball bearing hill for a climb up the southern side to the main track. First bogging of the day went to tanked as he head suzuki first into the mud.  I’m presuming after some muddy feet and the use of a snatch he was free to join the rest ascending the track. This little track go some wheels up in the air, especially those with a rear spool (greenzook) and proved James had more clearance under jellybean than first thought.

From there it was up to the top over a fun little section of rocks and lots of different lines to choose. I didn’t catch how people were going to well as I was under Jellybean with James trying to find where a knocking sound was coming from. Apart from an oily remedy  to nothing on the stick I think the nock stayed with the bean all day. This is also where I found I had been driving in rwd all morning as one the front hubs was not quite engaged, no wonder it was a little loose.

At the top of the climb, I gave a call out for all the interested parties to have a look at driving the harder side of the hill as I was itching to give it a go. In the end all who tried but tanked had a successful trip up the hill, with a great drive from one the tag along crew in the unlocked jiminy, who turned out to be someone I had been on a random drive with before.  Tanked got a little crossed up in an awkward spot and had to be secured with a snatchy before being directed back down after a top effort getting to where he did. I think greenzook had a bit of fun and by the sounds of it the jeep just walked it.

After that little bit of entertainment we headed to the bottom and followed the tracks north before stopping for a bite for lunch. The tagalongs said their thanks and good buys and went off in the search for some lunch of their own. After a bit of a yarn in the middle of the bush we set out again following a nice little track with a few climbs and drops and some mud. Which I drove into, and promptly got stuck. After a bit of mandatory trip leader getting stuck rubbing, greenzook was my hero and dragged the vit back to dry land. With a bit more mud in the gills were off to the baby red play hills where few more photos were taken, and few more stories where heard.

With the day getting on I decided to pull up stumps at the play hills opposite big red, after having a little play of course. Good to be reminded that it’s actually steep when the front washers work from gravity alone.  Thanks to everyone who came a long, hope to do it all again soon.


Tanked82: “Was an awesome day thanks all will definitely come to more”

Pete79: “Big thanks to everyone for showing us such a great day yesterday. Clapping
Our whole family had an awesome time.”