Ladies Day Mt Mee – Glasshouse Mtns

Mt Mee – Glasshouse Mtns Ladies Day

Trip Report: Jason

Meeting at Dayboro Bakery at 8am, saw myself, Bec, Lockie, Lauren, Tim, Carmel and Alec. After a quick breakfast we headed off to Laceys Creek Road. Bec driving the Navara, Lauren driving the TRD Hilux and Carmel driving the Patrol. We turned onto Wirth Road which has a locked gate, ( thinking to my self Great). So we back tracked to Laceys and continued along it until we hit the dirt which finally lead to a Open gate which is where we aired down.

We followed our nose along Range Road Forest Drive until we came to Jacky creed road. Turning left onto Jacky creek road the rain had started, wasn?t heavy just enough to be annoying. With no hick ups along the way we came to Byron creek road, turning left and heading towards A break.

This is where the trip become a little interesting. With the recent rain it had made the tracks a little slippery, after waiting for a vehicle( stock Prado) to come down the first bit of A break area (the Diana bath turn off) he said there was a slippery hill ahead which had him turn around watching a motor bike slip everywhere. We continued up A break, to where we came across the motor bike covered in mud and saying ?goodluck? (now we were a little concerned).
Coming up to the hill they were talking about I could see why he was struggling, 5 big holes even spaced apart for a LWB to get crossed up and go where, Bec was first up, when she got to the holes I flicked the front locked on, a quick kick to the left seen the car hit the passenger tyre into the embankment and grab traction to the top (only just).
Next up, Carmel decided that this was a little too much for her and elected Tim to drive. Unfortunately the patrol didn?t have enough traction seeing it flex out in the holes with no where to go. A quick decision was made to winch him up. Getting Bec to turn around Lockie and I decided to do a Sling slot winch off a tree as it was safer for bec to stay up the top on the flat section with traction. 10 mintues later, 30 metres or winch rope, 20metre winch extension folded in half, Tree trunk protector, snatch block and a few shackles, we were all hooked up ready to winch. Bec started winching, Tim started driving, up over the holes and onto the flat section. Quick pack up wrapping the winch rope around the spotties of the nav, we were ready for the TRD Hilux, and also ready for a recovery. Well, No need to recovery the supercharged vehicle when it has power on demand, Lauren also decided that this was a little to hard for her so lockie drove the TRD up over the holes and to the top with no recovery needed. Lockie jumps out of the car with a smile ear to ear and saying ?I cant believe I got up that?. After that we continued along A break which came the steep section of the track, everyone got up no problems at all and the exposed rock provided some traction even in the slippery conditions.
We arrived at the Gantry around 12-12.30 where the Wood clan had just arrived 10-15 minutes earlier. We sat down for lunch, under the Saw mill Shed as all the tables and chairs were wet from recent rain.

After lunch we continued along Lovedays Road and headed out towards the Somerset lockout, there was a little play section off the main track which most of the girls decided to have a play on, just a few holes with a decent sized v at the top, all of this was on a slight hill. All Ladies drove this section with guidance (bar Sarah as Deakin was saying ?no mummy, no?.)
We reached the lookout with nil clouds down low allowing us to have a nice view over looking Sommerset and Wivenhoe dams. We headed back to the gantry where we aired up and parted ways from there.

All in all, the Ladies did exceptionally well offroad even with the slippery conditions, All should be proud of what they drove today as you ladies don’t get a lot of seat time.