Tough Tracks Warm Up

Started off nice and windy. After setting up we spent sat morning driving around on easy to moderate tracks until the TT boys wanted to stretch their legs. A short course was marked and proved challenging but driveable. Jellybean watched from the sideline but was soon joined by Adam in his GV. A scenic stop at a couple of view points showed the clouds rolling in. The TT vehicles pushed a bit harder and so we took the easy road back to camp.

Not long after arriving back the sprinkle started. Then got got heavier. Before long we were sheltering from rain and debating whether to pull the pin. A bit over half stuck it out through the night and woke to a much clearer day. Keen for some more play time, the TT boys let the GV boys ride shotgun and we again ventured out. The overnight rain had left surprisingly little ground water and, if anything, made driving easier as the ground was soft rather than crumbly. That didn’t stop carnage though as Casper managed to make chromoly snap sound – but not before all the drivers and vehicles involved managed to perform some impressive driving.

On top of bald hill – please note – all Zooks



Bruce: “Yes was a great weekend. The rain was a little bit of a downer but it is what it is. Sunday morning drive was just bloody great.”