Nonmember’s Run JAN 2016

Trip Report:  Couchman

Late morning start at the meeting point had people filling up on fuel, coffee and pointers for the day. With all the paperwork done we were off to a slow start with so many people around the meeting point for the long weekend.

Nice mix of bitumen and gravel took us almost to the top of Bald knob for a look at the view down over the Sunshine coast. First recovery honours went to Zarb after finding the only stump in the long grass. A few people lifting and a bit of reverse action and he was free. I hope someone got a picture I can have, the work notice board needs to know  ;). Back in the cars and through the twistys we ended up at the northern end of Glasshouse mountains were it was time to let some air out of the tires and lock the hubs.

As usual I wanted to try a different way of getting where I wanted to go and promptly ended up at tracks that some what would call un-suitable for the group, the rest would say I was lost. Quick u turn and we started to have a play as we went before coming across a rider out of fuel with a mate down somewhere else in the forest. GP volunteered his services while the rider ditched his bike so he and GP Could find his downed colleague. A few misunderstanding and radio calls later the convoy was back on track.

First challenge of the day was a little rocky hill where everyone had fun testing their cars. Darren was testing the mallarado’s capabilities, while Dave looked cool in his air con and traction control meandering over the holes. James when one better and just drove through the holes, something about a door taking a different shape on the way through… No one will notice. Non members looked to be having a fun with everyone picking different lines and making it up without assistance. Sammie a bit nosier than the rest, testing the clearance under the car Huh? The pathblocker lived up to its name but only needed a few pavers under the wheels to climb up without any damage.

On to the next hill, and I couldn’t help myself driving the fun line, much to the delight of the ladies at the top who thought we were goners for driving on three wheels ROFL. The mallarado was next and deserves crawlarado status after only just falling short of the top without risking damage. Getting it back down off the hill was a little more interesting but, with a bit of tracking building and a max track thong (patent pending) we were safe for Josh to show the stretch of the coily. After picking a few different variances of the line he cruised to the top.

Through the car park of multiple clubs at the top of the hill, we hit the scenic trails again. Time was running a little low so we took the easy way out to get back to the main road. We followed this back down to the scenic lookout where James and Dave cooked up a storm. Snags and steak went down a treat after all the rock packing of the morning, but the cold drinks weren’t quite keeping the heat at bay. So after everyone had finished up we started the drive to the swimming hole at Stoney creek. GP finally caught up with us after helping out the bikers. (GP will have to fill us in on the details.)

The gravel road was very dry and extremely dusty, so being at the front I was calling all the oncoming traffic for the people behind. Only none of the calls where being heard as I had turned the radio off at lunch – Goose.

At the swimming hole there was much relief as the water was perfect to end a hot muggy day. Not sure if there was any more wheeling on the way back to Brisy, but I had a great day driving the scenic tracks that are usually reserved for a Sunday drive. Thanks to all for coming along and hope to see you all at the next one.

Side Report: GP

I decided to look after the downed biker because there’s a good few times in the past that I’ve been there myself and I’m more experienced with first aid than picking lines so it was an easy call.

So as Couchman said, we came across this fella (Nick) pushing his bike.. out of fuel. Apparently in the excitement of the crash Nick went off the fetch the ute and trailer, which was down in D’Aguilar, he pretty much gets to the ute and realises that Noel, the injured rider, still has the keys!

This is when we came across Nick so I volunteered to do the recovery and parked up at the top of the hill that we turned around on, walked down and brought Noel up to the car. Nick had meantime gone off on Noel’s bike to get the ute and trailer.

I couldn’t tell for sure what the actual injury was but didn’t see any broken skin or nasty colour so put it down to a detached shoulder/collarbone. He was also having rib pain so seeing as the spleen is in that location where he was sore, decided to stay with him and keep him hydrated and awake till everyone was re-united.

Fast forward to tonight, had a chat to Nick this evening and yes Noel did have that difficult conversation with his wife, as you do. But it’s not too bad really. Dislocated shoulder so obviously some ligament damage to go with it, broken arm up round the bicep and a few broken/cracked ribs. No surgery needed, he’ll just stay strapped up for a handful of weeks and be right as rain. We didn’t discuss what physio is going to be like but he’ll find out Im sure. hahahah been there done that!
Nick says they didn’t take my advice and cook up a non-bike related accident and sure enough the doctors and nurses probably gave him crap for it LOL.

Both Nick and Noel also wanted to pass on their sincere thanks for help from the club.

I’ll definitely be bringing the little Garmin GPS on future drives up there, so many tracks, so easy to take a wrong turn and yes I took a good few wrong turns!

Anyway, I really appreciated you all waiting for us in the heat and that swimming hole was a lifesaver hey.

Seeing as that was my nephew’s 1st 4WD drive, after the swim we decided to go home over Mt Mee Forest Drive, aired back up at The Gantry, then home from there. Nephew got a few tips on real driving instead of computer game type driving and agreed that there’s no comparison between the two, real driving beats computer game driving.
Looking forward to the next drive, promised my nephew next time Scruff will get a few challenges to test out. (and hopefully no bikers)


 greenbankGV-: “A huge thank you to everyone who came along and made it a fun day. And um… If we could just keep the damage to Jellybeans door between us for now that would be great ”

Kor3y101-: “Was great to meet everyone today and put a face to usernames. ”

Sinister soul-: “Had a great time! Was heaps of fun thanks for putting on the non members run.”