Creek Run

Well, The Day started differently to what was originally planned, but in the end it ended up turning out to be a great days 4wdriving…..

The starting time was pushed back to coincide with Mark and Chris being able to attend but this also meant that we would also be down in the danger zone for the avro storms that were predicted… Met Jas at the BP servo and headed off to our start point only to find that it had recently been “modified” and that we were going to have to find another entry point. We made our way up to the power lines where we entered and made our way down the track to a point where we waited for the arrival of Chris and Ivan.

A short 15/20min wait and we were all together and headed off into the bush to find some tracks. By this time the skies were looking quite dark, but we pushed on to find finally finding a couple of good start off tracks b4 heading into the rocky section. This was when I realized that we were doing the track I wanted to do in reverse which meant that we would be heading down the rocky section instead of up.

Reaching the last part of the rocky section and this is when the rain started coming down. I pushed on to get down the bottom with Mark, Jas and Chris following. Ivan decided not to follow and headed back the way we came in. Once down we made our way back to the power lines and met up with Ivan and cont’d our exploring, now being made a little more difficult due to the recent rain making the ground quite slippery in sections.

Upon reaching the top we again entered the bush to find another rocky track which turned out to be a great track. The conditions quickly dried out making the track dry and with good traction. Continuing along the rocky track coming across more rocky step-ups adding some interesting challenges…..

By the time we reached the power lines again time was getting onto about 4pm. From this point we made our way back along the power line track with Ivan adding a little bit to the end of the day by getting bogged, requiring a recovery. Chris tried winching him back out but this resulted in just pulling Chris’s car closer to Ivan’s. The Solution…..”The mighty one Litre” to the rescue pulling him out with the snatch. Once out, it was a quick drive back and air up and head off home……

Trip Report: Rob.