Condamine Gorge 2013

An early start to the day I picked up Scrawn from his place only around the corner & we headed for the meeting spot at Yamanto Maccas.

Arriving at Yamanto just after 8am it wasn’t long till we were all there & heading off to Boonah to pick up RUSS & for the trip briefing.

The road from Yamanto to Boonah was slow going due to allot of road works which were spread out all the way along.

We got to Boonah at about 8:50 & after a quick chat & a stop at the Servo we were off. Heading down Boonah Rathdowney Rd to Carneys Creek Rd. Along there we came to a detour sign which was setup at Head Rd as there had been some landslides along this stretch of road due to the recent storms. The detour is a welcome one anyway as we hit the dirt for the first time. The recent rain had made the usual dusty trip quite pleasant as the road had just the right amount of moisture to not throw up any dust & was dry enough that it didn’t stick to your tires.

Up & over the boarder & Rabbit fence we headed along past White Swamp then on to Spring Creek Rd where we wound our way up to the Lookout which was our first stop for the morning. After a quick look & some pics we were back on the road headed to Queen Mary falls which wasn’t far down the road.

 Stopping at Queen Mary Falls we took the 500m walk down to the viewing platform & we were glad to see the falls were flowing but not so glad about the excessive flies which were getting a free ride on our backs.

Back to the vehicles & we set off to Killarney to grab a pub lunch at the Killarney Tavern. It seemed that we were making too good time as we got to the tavern at about 11am which meant that we couldn’t get the lunch we had planned on as they didn’t start doing meals until 12oclock.  So we bailed & went to the takeaway shop just back along the main drag.

After grabbing our burgers & some bangers & mash we set off for the Condamine River road. Heading over the first causeway just off Warwick-Killarney Rd it was clear that the river didn’t have as much water as we thought. None the less we headed on & hit the first of the 14 crossings.  

The Condamine River Road had been closed early in the year due to Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald which did massive damage to the area. Since then the road has been repaired & new stone dumped at all the crossings which made the entire journey something you could have done in any 4WD or even a 2WD work ute. This road & crossings are in the best condition that I’ve ever seen them in the years we’ve been doing trips to the gorge.

Stopping at the Big Bent tree to eat our lunch & have a chat. We spent some time enjoying the peace until a couple of guys on Motorbikes which were way too loud screamed along the track. I’m not against Trail bikes as I own one myself & enjoy riding the tracks just as much as in the 4by but there is no need to make as much noise as possible when passing a group of people trying to enjoy the area.

After lunch we were off again through the remainder of the crossings & before long we were at the end of the Condamine River Road & back on the black stuff on our way back to Boonah.

Arriving back in Boonah at about 2pm we said goodbye to RUSS & the rest of the group stopped in for a Coffee at one of the Cafés.

All in all just under 400km from Nth Brissy round trip which was a great way to spend a Saturday.

Thanks to the guys who could make it lets see you all on the next one.


Trip Leader / Report: SP1086